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Reizend Zand, Station Apeldoorn (Giny Vos) 2023

At the Apeldoorn station, across a large glass wall, a sand drift is simulated, controlled by LEDs. The drifting sand can form beautiful, ever-changing patterns. Sometimes the wind blows fiercely, and at other times, it calms down, and the sand lies still for a while. Occasionally, a gentle breeze stirs up the sand lightly, causing minimal changes in the landscape’s patterns. On a larger scale, the landscape changes as the sand dunes gradually shift through drifting. Sometimes, the sand piles up on one side, a scene supported by the concave shape of the square.

Dimensions: 100 x 4 m
Etched glass, 1.3 million LEDs, and computer control

Renovation of the Technical/Mechanical Design, Electronic Design and Production by Yens & Yens

Originally build by RENA

Artist: Giny Vos
Location: Apeldoorn Station
Realized: September 2023

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