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Silent Echos, Utrecht (Jacqueline Verhaagen) 2023

Silent Echos – Day & Night

A choreography of lights and air bubbles beneath the water surface.
Beneath the bottom of the Catharijne Singel near Tivoli Vredenburg lie the remnants of the 150-meter-long wall and tower of Castle Vredenburg, the 16th-century Spanish fortress. Utrecht commissioned an artwork to depict the dynamics of this presence. A choreography of air bubbles and lights under the water surface marks this location. During the day, eruptions of air bubbles are visible. As dusk falls, dozens of lights under the water surface join in. Spectators can watch this spectacle from the stairs.

Technical design, electronic design, software and production of the underwater light system by Yens & Yens

Artist: Jacqueline Verhaagen
Location: Catherijne Singel Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht
Realized: December 2023

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