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Displacement, Biennale Noordwijk (Vendel & de Wolf) 2023

material: gold-painted reinforcing steel, shaking machine in 3d printed casing.

The gold-coloured reinforcing iron work of art consists of long curved strings. At first glance this too seems chaotic, but on closer inspection they all grew in much the same way. Normally we only see reinforcing steel on construction sites, but here it has grown like a plant towards the light and is vulnerable and exposed in the church garden. Its location is visible in the village, and so as not to be mistaken for demolition waste, it has disguised itself as a valuable, gleaming gold structure. It likes to be touched. Feel and the structure will vibrate gently, just like a purring cat. It responds to our actions.”
You may not see a transition as clearly when you are in the middle of it, but you can feel it.
Technical advice and Electronic design by Yens&Yens

Artist: Vendel & de Wolf
Location: Biennale Noordwijk
Realized: November 2023

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