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ODE Blozers, Amsterdam (Marjet Wessels de Boer) 2024

At Oosterdokseiland in Amsterdam stands an artwork by Marjet Wessels Boer. With it, she won the competition for a sustainable illumination object. During the day, ODE’s Blozers show off their solar panels on the elevator building by the bicycle parking. The Blozers are in need of maintenance: they have discolored and suffered damage.

The objects are made from epoxy, reinforced with fiberglass. They collect energy during daylight to power LED lighting in the evening.

In the evening, the Blozers become active, and two LED spots slowly pan left and right. Normally, the body of the Blozers lights up white, as if they are glowing. When a cyclist enters the parking area, a color shiver occurs: a blush! The color changes with the season.

We have brought the art objects to our workshop for refurbishment. PolyProducts remove the first layer and apply a new layer of glass and polyester, which has good UV resistance and a fresh coat of varnish. This way, the ensemble can shine brightly again with the lighting installed in it! Yens & Yens has renewed and reused all the electronics and replaced the old square solar panels with new custom made round solar panels with even more efficiency.

Technical design, electronic design, software and production of the electronic system by Yens & Yens

Artist: Marjet Wessels de Boer
Location: Conservatorium van Amsterdam (CvA) – AHK
Realized: January 2024

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