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F15, Eindhoven (Peter Vink) 2022

Artwork commissioned by the Dutch Government Property Agency for the State Office Fellenoord 15 in Eindhoven, currently used by the Tax Office.

​The artwork F15 consists of 240 different rotating “sheets of A1, A2, A3 & A4 sizes” that change transparency depending on the viewing angle. Each individually controlled panel rotates at its own pace and rhythm, collectively forming an ever-changing composition of visible and invisible. These sheets are attached to 10 honeycomb frame elements suspended from the ceiling in three different spaces of the building. Due to the amount of design elements present in the building, I kept the artwork as subtle as possible by using as little color as possible.

The sheets are made of plexiglas topped with a film that has the property of becoming visible or invisible at certain viewing angles. The honeycomb frame elements consist of aluminum and are powder-coated in the color of the building. The motors are controlled by a mini computer located in each honeycomb. Special software was written that randomly chooses when to rotate the frames.

The A formats were chosen symbolically to make a connection to what may be happening in the government office. You can see them as information carriers: the A format paper is still used on the work floor and as a means of communication to the outside world. The visibility and invisibility of the sheets can also be seen as a link to the Dutch open government initiative law that is likely to take effect in 2022. The underlying idea of this law is for governments to become more transparent to the outside world, to society and citizens.

Technical/Mechanical Design, Electronic Design and Production by Yens & Yens

Artist: Peter Vink
Location: Dutch Tax Office, Eindhoven
Realized: July 2022

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