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Origin, Amsterdam (Vendel & de Wolf) 2021

material: fourteen black powder-coated frames, polycarbonate, acrylic with engraving, entlighten T, LED strip, control, sensors. entrance: stainless steel , neonflex and sensor
size: fourteen times 2 x 4 m and twice 4x3m

Origin is the three-dimensional shape that is drawn on the windows and appears in 14 different combinations. The hand-engraved drawings are reminiscent of microscopic critters, pollen grains, plans, cell divisions, flowers, etc. Many different variations have been made with the same shape. We chose 14 variations to use on the windows.
The luminous drawings are mounted in a black powder-coated trapezoidal frame in the gaps between the pillars of the viaduct. The entrance and exit of the viaduct are also trapezoidal and so the frames look suspiciously like a perspective drawing of the viaduct, with light at the end of the tunnel.
The engraved drawings light up because LEDs are attached around the edge, which can light up all colours. The entligten T plate glows evenly in blue or green colors only. The engraved drawings will usually be a different color than the background.
Made possible by: Municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, BPD Cultuurfonds, Smederij van Rijn, Yens and Yens electronic art and design, Danielle, Dirk, Mariska and Derk.
AFKBPD fonds

Technical advice and Electronic design by Yens & Yens

Artist: Vendel & de Wolf
Location: Tunnel der Kinderenstraat, Amsterdam
Realized: November 2021

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