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Research: VTL 1.0 / FPL 1.0

VTL 1.0 – Video To LED converter

Part of an ongoing research into LED controllers, Yens & Yens developed a custom video conversion tool, the VTL. Based on a Rasberry Pi running our own proprietary software, the VTL can handle a wide variety of input signals (HDMI, VGA, USB-camera, video files, or network streaming) and translate these realtime to a variety of scalable LED setups.


FPL 1.0 – File Player

Yens & Yens also developed the FPL, a fully programmable media player made to handle every filetype accessable on usb media. Created for museum applications, it supports multiple programmable button inputs (for changing media, language, or other triggers), and of course auto-startup.

Size: 120x30x80mm

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