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Kristalpaleis, Amsterdam (Giny Vos) 2009

In 2009 Yens & Yens designed, produced and installed the permanent installation ‘Kristalpaleis’ adjacent the entrance of the new Elicium Centre building at the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam.

The artwork commissioned by Giny Vos is a 3 dimensional Led cube (7x5x5 meter) comprised of 256 (7 meter long) aluminium tubes each with 16 individual addressable LED nodes. Yens & Yens created a dedicated 3D light editor/sequence software to program the 4096 LEDs of the artwork, with a 30 minute show of transforming objects and mathematical figures.

Technical design, electronic design, software and production of the light cube by Yens & Yens

Artist: Giny Vos
Location: Elicium Centre – RAI, Amsterdam
Realized: June 2009

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