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De Delta Prijs, Den Haag (Giny Vos) 2019

The Delta Award is a new, significant prize for leading research in Universities of Applied Sciences, awarded biennially to two professors by the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and SIA.

The award, given with this prize, features three crystal shapes on a black platform. By exploring how they fit together, literally trying it out with your hands, you can connect the crystals into a pyramid that emits light. The three crystals represent the three pillars of Universities of Applied Sciences: education, research, and practice.

The award was realized in collaboration with Yens & Yens and Kieran Hinde.

Dimensions: 42 x 22 x 20 cm
Mdf, plexiglass, LEDs, transmitters, receivers, infrared, induction charger.

Video and photo: Adina Dragnea

Technical/Mechanical Design, Electronic Design and Production by Yens & Yens

Artist: Giny Vos
Location: Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and SIA, The Hague
Realized: November 2019

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